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Bad Confessions To Avoid

This page was last updated on April 14, 1997.
For a basic understanding of this page, please consult my pages Faith Confessions Are Scriptural and Confession Scriptures, for an understanding of the "Faith Confession" message and the power of the tongue.

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue:
and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." (Proverbs 18:21)

"God...calleth those things that be not as though they were." (Romans 4:17)

New List of Confessions to Avoid:

"I TOOK EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink."
"That stinks!"
"I DON'T KNOW how I am going to get this done."
"That was DUMB of ME!"
"That was STUPID of ME!"
"How could I BE so STUPID?"

"I am SO HUNGRY, that I could EAT A HORSE!"
"Don't HAVE A COW!"
"I ate so much, I think I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!"
"Don't eat so much, or YOU'LL GET BIG AS A BARN!"
"Get inside before YOU CATCH PNEUMONIA AND DIE!"
(I had this spoken over me many times growing up, and in April 1995 I was in the hospital for pneumonia.)

"The POOR thing!"
"For better or FOR WORSE"
"For richer or FOR POORER"
"IN SICKNESS and in health"
"I get so CARRIED AWAY."

"I think I am LOSING MY MIND."
"That's a PAIN IN THE NECK."
"I think I will GIVE them a PIECE OF MY MIND."
"Cross my heart and HOPE TO DIE!"
"That's SIDE-SPLITTING comedy."
"I'M so TIRED of that."
"I'M so TIRED."

"I think I'm going to shoot off my mouth."
"That just takes my breath away!"
"That is so breath-taking."
"That just burns me up!"
"That just blows my mind!"

Old List of Confessions To Avoid:

Phrases that exaggerate by referring to sickness and death such as:

"That tickles me to death."
"That scares me half to death."
"I could just die."
"That just kills her."
"I'm killing time." (You can waste time, but not kill it.)
"I could just die laughing."
"That makes me sick."
"That's sick."
"I'm catching a cold." (Why "CATCH" something you don't want)
"I'm taking the flu." (By saying you are TAKING it, you say you are receiving it.)
"I can't live without that."
"Break a leg!"

Avoid contradictions such as:

"That is awfully good." (How can something good by awful?)
"Good grief!" (Grief is bad, not good, and Jesus bore our griefs.)

Other bad confessions to avoid:

"They drives me crazy (or up the wall)."
"They make me mad."
"That crushed him." (He wasn't literally crushed)
"I have a crush on that person." (You didn't literally crush the person.)
"I could never forgive that person."
"Take care."(We want to cast our cares on Jesus, not take any.)
"Be careful." (We want to be cautious, but not "full of care.")
"I've GOT to have that food."
"I've GOT to buy that item."
"I can't believe that happened."
"I don't believe it." (If you keep on saying this, you still won't believe it.)
"I can't understand this."
"I can't wait." (Patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit in us, Love is patient and is shed abroad in our hearts.)
"I'm a loser." (God always gives us the victory in Christ.)
"I can't do this" (You can do all things through Christ.)
"Things are just getting worse."
"I can't get anything out of the Word."
"I'm in the wilderness."
(People lead themselves in a wilderness, when it's God's will for them to go a different route "by the way of Jordan".)
"I'm in the valley." ("Walk thru the valley", don't stay in it.)

If you can think of some more bad confessions to avoid, please e-mail me at or and I will add them to the list.
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