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Mark Earley

Candidate for Virginia Attorney General

Late February and March, I had the opportunity to help Mark Earley get on the ballot for the Republican Primary for Attorney General, by collecting almost 200 signatures for him. Every candidate had to get over 16,000 signatures from registered Virginia voters to get on the ballot for the June 10, 1997 primary. Mark Earley won the primary on June 10th.

Mark Earley is a well respected Virginia State Senator from Chesapeake, Virginia. He is a born-again Christian and was once a missionary and an adult leader with The Navigators. He is one of the most respected men in the state senate. He is responsible for the Victims of Crimes Rights Bill and for rewriting the Parental Notification Bill that just got passed. He rewrote the bill in such a way that it got passed to a different committee, a more conservative committee.

Below is a picture of me with Mark Earley on March 15, 1997, when he visited the campus of New River Community College in the late afternoon.

Below is the comment Mark Earley wrote to me on the back of the picture.

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