Future Plans (Subject to Change)


After graduation, I plan to work full-time for two or three years, save a lot of money. I also plan to finish Christian Growth Center's (my church's) School of Ministerial Excellence (S.O.M.E.) Laymen's School. Then, God-willing, I plan to move to the Tulsa/Broken Arrow, OK, area. I plan to attend Rhema Bible Training Center for two years. I just finished the Healing Truths course from Rhema Correspondence Bible School in October 1996. My second choice for a Bible school is Jerry Savelle's JSMI Bible Institute and School of World Evangelism.

Then, I plan to attend Oral Roberts University. I would like to be a teacher. I prefer to be a teacher in full-time ministry (God-willing), or I would prefer to teach the Bible in a Christain school, or teach computers or art. I believe when I finish Bible school, I will have more direction about what field of study the Lord wants me to go into.

If I don't move out west to Bible school and ORU, I would at least like to finish Christian Growth Center's (CGC's) S.O.M.E. Laymen's School and maybe go to Radford University to study to be a teacher in art or computers. I admit that it is a big step of faith for me to leave the New River Valley and go away somewhere away from my family for a few years, but if it's God's will, He will prepare the way.


As far as relationships are concerned, I am content to be single, but I wouldn't mind being a blessing to a mighty man of God someday, in marriage. I want to be married someday, not to be blessed, but to be a blessing. I want to marry someone that is a strong man of God, with a very Godly, Christ-like character. He needs to be a Holy Spirit-filled, Word of Faith believer. I would like to have a husband that has a great sense of humor and enjoys entertaining other people through his humor. He also needs to be the same age as me (21) or within 0-5 years older than me. My dream husband would be one that is called to serve God full-time (God willing). We would need to share common interests such as the same love for Jesus and computers. I would like to find someone that's interested as much, or even as more interested in computers as me.

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